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Robotmaster - CAD/CAM for Robots

Robotmaster is a powerful software package that integrates robot programming, simulation, optimisation and code generation into a fluent and powerful CAD/CAM environment. The comprehensive suite of tools within Robotmaster allow the offline programming of a huge range of robotics applications, including machining, mig, tig and laser welding, deburring, sanding, polishing, glue dispensing, laser and plasma cutting, hot wire cutting, composite layup, painting and 3D printing. Robotmaster can output code for a large and growing list of robot brands, including KUKA, ABB, FANUC, Motoman/Yaskawa, Staubli and Mitsubish to name a few.

Here at CNC Creations, we have seen first hand the benefits that Robotmaster can bring to a business running robots, in terms of the ease and speed of programming and the diverse custom work we can take on which would otherwise not be possible. It really is a game changer which is why we have decided to get on board as a reseller and help others realise the same benfits. Unlike most sofware resellers, we use Robotmaster everyday on our own equipment and can show you how it really does work.

The staff at CNC Creations have extensive experience in the use of Robotmaster for both conventional machining and cutting applications, as well as less conventional applications such as deburring, sanding/linishing, polishing, deposition, coating and wire cutting.

Industrial robots can bring both quality, productivity, and profitability improvements to a large range of production processes and can offer a larger work envelope, greater flexibility and lower cost than traditional machines. Robotmaster can unlock the full potential of your robots, allowing fast and accurate programming of complex tasks.

Servicing Australia, CNC Creations can provide a robotmaster software package tailored to your application(s) and can also provide the following services:

If you are thinking of bringing the flexibility of robot trimming, deburring, polishing or machining to your business, or already have robots installed and would like to realise their full potential please contact us to see how Robotmaster can help.

Robotmaster robot machining with linear track